Be Steady

The title of the first chapter of “100 Ways To Take Better Photographs” was titled “Taking Sharper Photographs”. It briefly and informative talked about taking photos with a tripod (ideally), at the right shutter speed (which basically means nothing to me) and take better shots by being steady.

I’m probably attempting to draw nectar from a rock here when I make this transition but it did get me thinking about life. The pace of life has been accelerated and deemed normal but it isn’t actually our original “setting” at all. The argument is that modern life is faster because of technology. That may be true but as with all tools, technology’s woes and wonders actually arise from the weilder. And evidence suggests we have welded this tool wantonly.

For the most part I have traded the fast life for a slower pace that allows me to breath and savour moments and heighten my experiences beyond and a microwave mentality of having it all and having it now. It isn’t to say that I do not desire a little more wealth, I do but not at the expense of my soul. That isn’t for sale.

The idea of being “steady” is incredibly attractive to me, especially as a father. Being reliable, solid and present, that’s actually the real currency of manhood. Everything else is elaborate window dressing. When you’re younger you think it’s about being cool, which will hopefully attract a mate (not to sound like David Attenborough). However, as maturity sets and solidifies it becomes about the internal fibre of a man’s integrity as opposed to his outer casing, his silver tongue, his worldly goods and credentials.

How did I go from talking about pictures to what it is to be a good man? Well, every young male has some sort of picture of what they would like to be or want to be. I held my phone, turned on the camera and attempted to focus on the book’s page. It was trickier with each thundering heartbeat.

I mulled over chapter one, one more time simultaneously thinking about some of my work choices and whether I had pursued my passion with tenacious clarity. Writing was my passion and still is. My first love that led me to my last love. I snapped the book shut, downed a can of coke and went back to work, digesting the first rule of this book ; be steady.

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