Follow a Shooting Regime

“100 Ways To Take Better Photographs” by Michael Busselle was consulted today once more as my photograph taking instruction bible. Chapter 10 pretty much encapsulated the theme for this week ; follow a Shooting regime.

Both in pictures and in organising my day to day I’ve been off form. I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures to satisfy my ambitious aim of ten a day. I have not had the best time at organising life either.

The week has been chaotic, the pin board has not yet been arranged to act as my outer- body- brain and our work and home commiments have caught me in a precarious pincer, threatening to crush me.

The past few days have been a combination of trial and error, grinding ot results, keeping calm and carrying on, absolutely breaking down and whitening hair via stress and everyone’s favorite, stress eating.

All that to say, we’ve finally got a regime going that like any good game of Jenga, is helping us build the rest of our day/evening from the ground up. Little fatty is in bad earlier and more content, mum and dad get to hug each other, have dinner and have even found time to watch a new series.

Following a Shooting regime is a matter of discipline and belief. Discipline because there are days where it just doesn’t seem like it’s all going to come together. Belief because you ha e to believe its going to make a difference and as a rule of thumb if you believe in something you tend to put you’re all into it.

Tomorrow is a new day Godwilling and I will be spending it, taking as much snaps as possible and then rinse and repeat the following day. As Zig Ziglar says ; “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”