Best of The Bunch

Much like a camera we’re both still trying to get to terms with just how much “stuff” the little one comes with. Obviously toys, clothes he has outgrown, a baby bouncer, a crib he ironically rarely uses in the wake of his co-sleeping with mummy, a billion nappies and even more wet wipes, three baths because (why not), Baby bath time products (that out number a city metrosexual) and as of today a family of rubber duckies.

We have a number of books on babies and pregnancy, none of which we actually read. It was more of a security buy to feel remotely prepared for the unknown. Much like our birth plan, it went off the beaten track and 90% of what we said we were going to do was ignored in favour of in-the-moment practicality.

One book I’ve been reading, to give my wife the TLDR (too long didn’t read) version, is Elizabeth Pantley’s “Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night the no_cry sleep solution”. It’s so far a very empathetic, knowledgeable and enlightening read that is equipping us with some new tactics to rearrange how we approach getting the little one to sleep without constant night waking.

The days I had off were meant to be spent practising my snapping skills but I was lucky if I got a hug with my wife before he started crying so we have been taking daily walks to the park and visits to the local diner for brunch and coffee (not for the baby, he doesn’t need any!).

I managed to grab a few shots with baby and mummy but to be honest most were breastfeeding shots that were not appropriate for the Internet. Chapter 4 of “Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night the no_cry sleep solution” is “Review and choose sleep solutions” which like our parenting has been an agreed upon mantra of sorts. Do our best and pivot where necessary. It has meant being open-minded to suggestions and confident in our own descion making in equal measure.

Everyone has an opinion but we don’t need to validate everyone, we’re here to do our best in the role. Much like my snaps, I take 10 plus more and pick the best from the bunch. We aren’t perfect and neither were or parents but they did their best. We’ll pick what works and perfect it.