In Frame

As I write this our son is groaning and grunting in his battle to extract milk from mummy’s breast. He’s punching her boob with a flailing chubby fist like a student attempting to Jimmy a broken vending machine. His frustration and challenge mirrors ours, it’s been so trying

I haven’t reffered to my photograph taking manual tonight because its been such a long day and this evening I’m looking forward to relaxing with my wife and son.

It been quite a challenging month and a week for my wife in the sleep department so we’re trying a new schedule to hopefully be more efficient and snyc with the chubby one.

At work the following morning I refer to “100 Ways To Take Better Pbotographs” by Michael Busselle because not being consistent grates me. Chapter 5′ instruction is to use exposure compensation which in the chapter basically means taking the picture you want is about balancing the dark and the light in your shot.

Balance is something I feel we’ve been lacking with everything seemingly happening all at once. Having a schedule, a framework is already giving us the confidence to keep thing manageable dare I say enjoyable.

With picture taking its been no different. The many ways you can take one and all the jargon involved just felt like over complicating a process that’s already subject to so many variables. Remembering this new rule will help remind me that the infrastructure is there to help me take a good picture not hinder me.

I’ll be taking more pictures this weekend with invigorated zeal and optimism. Remembering to keep things within the frame of the lens will stop us both from spiralling out of control and remind us that we are capable and that we can confidently parent our way.

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