Instruction 4 of “100 Ways To Take Better Photographs” by Michael Busselle talks about essentially keeping the subject of your photograph is focus and the back ground blurred. My phone has a pretty nifty aperture setting which makes me look like more of professional than I actually am. That coupled with a great pixel count and high quality leica lens adds up to some great pictures.

The day to day of parenthood has been less than glamorous in the run up to 5 months of our little one gracing us with his chubby presence. A dangerous cocktail of sleep deprivation, exhaustion and to-do-lists have swamped my wife and I and we have been struggling to keep it straight. The wry good news is most parents at this point have the same challenge.

Knowing this hasn’t made our uphill hike any easier. One thing that both I and my wife agree on is blanking out anything that doesn’t help us grow this little one. There’s so many things to do in any given day without added stress. Blurring it all into the background d has helped us prioritise and be more effective.

Because I obviously can’t breastfeed I’ve picked up as many background to-do-list bits to help us get more organised and clear, while my wife has focused on getting the chubby one through each day without passing out from sheer exhaustion.

Parenthood never promised to be easy but it has consistently been rewarding. Every milestone experienced is a memory banked and we already so rich with them.

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