In Focus

It’s general consensus that our little boy is a looker. The wife and I spend half our time marvelling at how he only seems to have inherited our “best bits” and blended them into a crescendo of humbling beauty.

As a passing joke we would often say to each other that we should definitely sign him up for modelling. Practicality speaking neither of us have enough energy to keep all our numerous appointments and day to day hustle bustle straight to commit to yet another endeavour.

That being said we’ve been looking for ways to be proactive in our financial advetures AND capture moments so signing up the little one is an intersection of goals in many ways.

Catching up with an old friend from university encouraged me, her daughter was signed by an agency after a few rebuffs. I attempt to search for some agencies after a long day but pass out in bed, my body winning the duel between it and my brain.

As avid users of Instagram we both found easy to get caught up in the rat race of affirmation, we wanted our poems to be appreciated and not ignored in favour of work with les craft and depth.

A step back helped us appreciate the greater world outside of the “likes and hearts ecosystem”. Keeping each other, our goals and dreams and now our son in focus, was and is priority. Its hard not to engage with the social media sphere without encountering this battle for balance but when you have the right anchor, it’s doable.

We promised each other that we would not plug our sweet baby for attention and profit. While there is nothing wrong with modelling or throwing up frequent snaps of chubby chops it had to be done from a heart centered position.

There were many many people that wanted to be updated on the progression of the birth, the baby, my wife, the aftermath, navigating covid restrictions and so much more. Splashing ourselves on a news cycleesque instagram post routine after the birth of our son and beyond sounded like a special type of torture. Even as a freelance journalist, after 48 hours of my wife in the worst type of pain and going through several complications, the last thing I wanted to do was a LIVE update.

We weren’t exactly representing a brand but there was an innate pressure from many people who felt entitled to our private life. The modern dielema of social media use is everyone is being watched and at the same time watching others like some warped Trueman Show. The new radical movement in this time is in fact a traditionally old one, to keep one’s private life private unless stated otherwise and to keep that in focus.

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